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Digital technology

Time to go digital!



Computer controlled digital press, and some of the labels produced.

Here at Spectrum Labels we understand the ever increasing need to reduce your manufacturing costs. The recent installation of a full colour digital label press, to compliment our more traditional technologies, now means Spectrum Labels can offer you a One Stop Shop for all your label needs.

Digital printing can help you achieve these vital savings by: -

From design direct to production.To see how we can help your company save money simply contact us. We are sure that we will be able to offer a competetive solution to your needs.

What is digital technology?

Spectrum Labels have recognised the need to move forward with technology in order to offer our customers a better service. As a company with this vision we opted to install a Nilpeter Digital Press, powered by a state of the art Xeikon digital print engine.

Computer controlled digital press.

Digital technology takes the idea of producing plates and dies, and replaces this with pre-press production, and a computer controlled front-end, which takes design directly, and transforms the data into that which can be etched by the engine onto imaging drums.

On each rotation, the imaging drums apply toner onto the web. This is in turn fused onto the web, and then enhanced with a module for a glossy finish (where required).

A buffer takes up the entire web as it passes through and meets with a varnishing station, then onto a laminating station. This gives maximum flexibility for a wide range of finishes.

A digitally controlled die cutting unit ensures precise label production to be finally slit by the multi blade slitter and rewound.


ISO 9002

FM 55325